David B. Allen M.D. Bios;

Retired Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon, Board Certification in both Cardiothoracic Surgery and General Surgery. 

Member of ICRS (International Cannabinoid Research Society)

Professor of Endocannabinoid Science

Cannabis medical practice Sacramento California 2009-2014

Cannabis prisoner advocate, 

Board member /The Human Solution International

Author, Teacher, International Cannabis Science speaker; 

Cannabis Advocate Expert witness testimony in criminal, civil court and Patient Advocate


Former; Prisoner of the drug war. 14 months incarceration pretrial at George County Correctional Facility,  a private for profit prison. Saved from 35 years prison sentence by Jury Nullification. Lost my career and my family who were forced to testify against me by police. Charged by California Medical Board with not doing a “Good Faith Exam” on a cannabis patient and defending myself pro-se pro-per in Kamala Harris attack on my medical license. 

Expert Legal Medical Testimony of the function of the ECS in California Criminal Civil,  (Code Enforcement trials) and Family Court cases.

CV request; cali215doc@gmail.com, 510-421-6179

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